Car delivery from the USA and Canada to Moldova

If you live on the territory of Moldova and want to buy a car from the USA or Canada for a long time, then IDELSTAR company together with our partners AVTOLUX MD will gladly help you and deliver any car to your address within the specified time frame.

After the arrival of your car from the USA or Canada at the port of Odessa, it is transported by our car carriers to the territory of Moldova, then all the issues of customs clearance, repair and registration of the car are handled by our reliable partners – the company AVTOLUX MD.

IDELSTAR services include:

Search for the desired vehicle.

Expert evaluation of the car’s state.

Cost calculation.

Car redemption.

Calculation of the most accurate and correct route in the USA and Canada and transportation to the loading area.

Sea transportation.

Unloading the car on the territory of Ukraine and its delivery to the territory of Moldova by our own car carrier.

AVTOLUX MD services include:

Car customs clearance.



Due to our office located in the United States and special licenses, we have the possibility to redeem any car from all 50 states of the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska, and we also have access to states such as Michigan, Alabama and Wisconsin. Having been purchased, a car or any other equipment is delivered to one of 13 loading yards (including Hawaii, Alaska and Ontario (Canada)).

Car delivery time, from the moment of purchase to the arrival of the container in Odessa, is 7-10 weeks (the time depends on the exact location, season and weather conditions) + 2-3 days to deliver the car to Moldova.